General Contracting

G7 Holdings is a general contractor CGC1519552 is the manager of your project, employed by the client on the advice of the architect & engineer.


G7 Holdings offers a vast array of roofing solutions allowing for choice and peace of mind in design and application.


Be assured, G7 Holdings will engineer the safest and most cost effective solution to the demolition portion of your contract.
If the project requires the complete removal of the structure, whether it is a single family domicile or an entire building interior.


Excavation contractors do much more than haul dirt around; their responsibilities include site preparation, grading, trenching and many other soil-related tasks. And, yes, they do operate some very pieces of heavy equipment.

   Emergency Services

G7 Holdings is under contract with State & City’s emergency planners for relief, recovery, mitigation and preparedness programs for first response disaster recovery.


Coarse particulate material used in construction, including sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates.

Project Management

Project Management

01. Planing

G7 Holdings works with subcontractors for common sense approach to Construction Plans Approved and Construction Permit Issued.

02. Coordination

We help coordinate the construction, renovation and repair projects of outside contractors and our own construction shops. To ensure quality construction projects, we manage schedules, budgets, payments, and required testing and inspections.

03. Project Control

G7 Holdings uses a Plan and Control system to always stay ahead of our project and assist in coordination of all subcontractors.


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