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G7 Holdings, Inc is based in Miami Beach, FL and holds FL CGC1519552 (Certified General Contractor) license according to the Florida license board.

We have identified 130 building permits pulled over the past 6 years, which you can browse in the ‘Projects’ section below to gain a better understanding of their work history.

Our strong client relationships has assisted our expansion to Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee and Orlando.

Regardless of project scope or location, G7 Holdings iis committed to exceeding its clients’ expectations of quality, and consistently delivering superior customer service.

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Emergency Capabilities

Fast Delivery

Unique Ideas

Quality Materials

Quality Work

Our Latest Projects

  • East Hialeah Marketplace

  • One Paraiso Soil Stabilization

  • Paraiso Bayview Matt Excavation

  • Allied Building Products Miami Location

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  Email us at: office@G7holdings.com



   8600 NW 36 Ave, Miami, FL 33147